Elvis UK3

Elvis UK3

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The ultimate reference guide to Elvis’s UK compact disc releases in the UK between 1983-2005.

Remember, Elvis UK3 is a digital download.

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  • Over 4000 illustrations, many of them in colour
  • Full description and detailed account of every mainstream release in the UK (both on album or single) – on RCA, BMG, FTD and third party label releases, each one fully cross-referenced with subsequent – or earlier – releases
  • Full track listing and writer details for every release
  • Additional information added to live releases, including recording locations and times
  • Separate sections dedicated to CD singles, promotional CDs, in-house promos, CD-Rs, etc.
  • Extensive section devoted to various artist CD releases that feature Elvis material, each one discussed separately
  • Each section features full chronological and alphabetical listings
  • A huge song title index detailing writers, recording dates and showing where every version of every song can be found

27 reviews for Elvis UK3

  1. Piers (ElvisInfoNetwork) (Australia)

    This is one stunning work for Elvis collectors. With 1400 pages there is hours and hours of reading and it is not just factual lists but lots of delightful essays and side-notes as well.
    The marketing of ELVIS is such a fascinating topic and over this time period one can now understand just how important Ernst and Roger were. It would have been so easy for Elvis and his music to have ended up in the “cheap bin”. This mammouth book deserves an in-depth review, as well as an interview with the authors – and that’s what coming soon to EIN asap. Congratulations to both Gordon & John I am super impressed and having only owned it for a few days I know I have only just scratched the surface.

  2. Michael Omansky (USA)

    This is an amazing piece of work! John Townson and Gordon Minto have done meticulous, detailed and
    accurate research of all things musically Elvis, in this unprecedented volume of work. The era where Ernst
    Jorgensen, Roger Semon, Klaus Schmalenbach collaborated on a great musical and global marketing effort is
    so well captured, with no stone unturned….the music, the marketing thinking, the massive sales increases as
    we tried to appeal both to the built-in fan base, and a mainstream audience. This is a book that Elvis music fans can get
    happily lost in, as they wander through a complete history. Great job by John and Gordon! — Mike Omansky

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