Elvis UK3

Elvis UK3

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The ultimate reference guide to Elvis’s UK compact disc releases in the UK between 1983-2005.

Remember, Elvis UK3 is a digital download.

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  • Over 4000 illustrations, many of them in colour
  • Full description and detailed account of every mainstream release in the UK (both on album or single) – on RCA, BMG, FTD and third party label releases, each one fully cross-referenced with subsequent – or earlier – releases
  • Full track listing and writer details for every release
  • Additional information added to live releases, including recording locations and times
  • Separate sections dedicated to CD singles, promotional CDs, in-house promos, CD-Rs, etc.
  • Extensive section devoted to various artist CD releases that feature Elvis material, each one discussed separately
  • Each section features full chronological and alphabetical listings
  • A huge song title index detailing writers, recording dates and showing where every version of every song can be found

27 reviews for Elvis UK3

  1. Colin Bryant (verified owner)

    Having found Elvis UK & Elvis UK2 essential reading & having campaigned tirelessly for a CD version, I felt compelled to buy this one !
    A great read !
    I did wonder if any mistakes are found, would they be corrected ?
    This would be an advantage over a printed version !
    So, on page 739, Ernst Jorgensen has his name spelled bot correctly & incorrectly !
    Will that get corrected ?

    • Gordon Minto

      Hi Colin.
      Thanks for your comments and support. Ooops! Hope EMJ can forgive us this minor lapse but at least we do get Elvis’s name right throughout the book …
      As for corrections, yes, you’re right, they will be made periodically and go to all buyers of course. Cheers! GM

  2. Les Miller (UK)

    Thanks for your instructions on how to access the Flipbook version of Elvis UK3. It worked perfectly (of course!), and my initial impressions are that it is a truly comprehensive and definitive work, with the scope of the coverage and detail included making it a truly magisterial work of reference.

    I have found the book to be compulsive reading in the short time since I received it!

    This may be unusual for what is, essentially, a reference work, and is undoubtedly due to the mass of interesting information supplementing the factual detail you have included relating to the various releases, together with the ease with which this information and data is able to be accessed
    and ‘retrieved’ after having been previously read.

    Incidentally, I discovered the existence of a 12 track version of G I Blues (ND 83735) which, upon checking my own collection, found I did not have – which just goes to prove that the most dedicated of collectors is able to inadvertently miss a change in, or this case an addition to, the track list on an umpteenth re-release of the same material.

    The period of coverage for UK3, from 1983 to 2005 inclusive, provides a seamless overlap between the gradual curtailment of vinyl releases and the introduction of the CD format and, when combined with the two previous editions of Elvis UK and Elvis UK2, provides an encyclopaedic reference of the entire catalogue of Elvis’ musical legacy released in the United Kingdom over a 49 year period from 1956 to 2005.

    The clarity of the page and tabular layouts is superb and could not possibly have been improved upon, and casual readers may not appreciate or may well overlook – or not even consider – the countless number of hours you both must have devoted to this very important aspect alone in a publication running to in excess of 1400 pages. Added to this, the inclusion of extensive cross-referencing is another feature which makes the publication even more convenient and useful for the reader, thereby rendering it a truly
    definitive reference work which no serious collector can afford to be without.

    I would not have thought that either Elvis UK or Elvis UK2 could be equalled, but what you have done here is a stupendous achievement and you are both to be congratulated. It really should be a best-seller as it truly is (as were the previous UK and UK2 editions) THE gold standard ‘go-to’ reference, both in the scope of its coverage and the forensic detail included.

    Two other very important considerations are those of practicality in use and cost.

    This publication would (probably) have had to be split into three volumes if produced in book form each having, of necessity, hard covers. Users would quickly appreciate the physical problems and inconvenience and associated with its/their use in this form due to the sheer weight involved when compared to the electronic version, not withstanding the prohibitive costs of producing such a set. I speak from my own equivalent experience, as I must confess to not using my three volume Ultimate Elvis set for this very reason. (I find it much easier to consult ‘Recording Sessions’ on-line!)

    I am sure that every serious Elvis disciple will consider it essential to obtain their copy, and I wish you every success with it.

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