Elvis UK2

For those interested in vinyl releases, we still have a small number of copies of Elvis UK2 available to buy.  The book includes:

  • A comprehensive overview (almost 400 pages) of Elvis’s UK vinyl record releases from 1985 to 2002, picking up and overlapping with Elvis UK (1956-1986)
  • Includes all singles, EPs and album releases issued during this time frame, each extensively illustrated and discussed separately and cross-referenced
  • Full chronological and alphabetical listings of each type of release
  • A full section of various artist releases which feature at least one Elvis track
  • A section on promotional records
  • Rarities
  • A full song index
  • A full interview index
  • Foreward by Roger Semon, co-producer of Elvis product throughout the world
  • A wealth of industry background information and links

Originally this book cost £35, but we are now offering it at a discounted rate of only £11!