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Co-writers and friends, John Townson and Gordon Minto, have been collaborating on Elvis writing projects since 1980, and are delighted to announce the publication of their third major book in the Elvis UK series. As with previous projects, the pair have worked very closely on the research for this project and the end result – a massive book in excess of 1400 pages, over one million words and more than 4,000 illustrations – is the fruit of their labours spanning, in this case, six years’ intense work. Anyone familiar with their previous enterprises will know that their work is characterised by extreme care, incredible detail and accuracy. It you like detail then this one is for you!

The authors’ first collaboration was Elvis UK (which also featured contributions by George Richardson) which was several years in the making and was published by Blandford Press in 1987.  It was greeted with great enthusiasm by fans and reviewers and quickly went on to become extremely collectible and highly sought after, despite its high retail price tag (£45).   The reviews were universally favourable and, among other things, has often been referred as ‘… the bible’ regarding Elvis’s UK record releases.  Record Collector magazine chose it as its third best music book release of 1987.  Copies now exchange hands for multiples of that figure.

Elvis UK2 Front Cover

Elvis UK2 more or less picked up where the first volume left off.  It too was hailed as being an invaluable guide to Elvis’s UK record releases, especially during a period when vinyl sales were declining.

(The last remaining copies can be ordered.  For details, please view Elvis UK2 )

Now though, the authors are now pleased to announce their third major release – Elvis UK3 – a digital download which exceeds the size and scope of both previous volumes!

Elvis UK3 Front Cover