Elvis UK – Extended

a soft-backed book

What you can expect to find in
Elvis UK – Extended

This soft-backed book, a newly written 502 page, fully comprehensive text, follows on from our previous publications in the Elvis UK series, each of them acclaimed by collectors, and provides the ULTIMATE guide to Elvis’s EP releases issued in the UK between 1957-2001.

This new volume:

  • Complements - and extends considerably - information relating to these particular releases included in our original books Elvis UK, published in 1987, and Elvis UK2, published in 2002 (for example, the EP section in Elvis UK (1987) was a mere 46 pages; Extended runs to 502 pages)
  • Is extensively illustrated in full colour throughout, including a range of images of Elvis himself
  • Details the history of extended play releases, their popularity and subsequent fall from favour
  • Features a wealth of background information, revealing exciting new details and information regarding tax codes and price changes as shown on labels – as well as tabling chart positions
  • Offers technical, but clear, details regarding manufacturing, along with matrix numbers and their significance
  • Where appropriate, each EP release is cross-referenced with its US counterpart and key differences discussed
  • Includes a chronological list of all the EPs included
  • Discusses each extended play album individually, in a detailed and forensic way, while the extensive text is amply illustrated with scans of every known cover and label variation, relevant photographs, and scans of contemporaneous newspaper and magazine articles and adverts
  • Features a header block for each album release comprising information about the songs or spoken word material included, release dates, along with details about the writers, etc.
  • Includes hitherto unpublished information from company files, and includes first-hand input from people such as Roger Semon, Bob Jones, Mike Walker and others, who worked directly on important releases, such as the two EP Collections
  • Incorporates historically significant events of the period throughout the narrative
  • Chronicles and dates all changes to various company logos used
  • Includes a detailed Song Index, showing recording dates, which EPs each song has been featured on, along with details of outtakes used, as well as a Spoken Word Index referencing when and where the material was recorded
  • A short but important section dealing with demo EPs which includes a discussion about potential fakes

In short, as readers have come to expect from each of the previous Elvis UK publications, this book is intended to be the last word on its subject – in this instance, the much-loved extended play record format as seen in the UK. 

As with our last book project, the soft-backed print copy of Elvis UK Beyond RCA published in September 2023, this new book is only available exclusively from  

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