Clearly, there are countless websites devoted to the many aspects of Elvis’s life and his career. As fellow collectors, you may be interested in visiting some of the key websites we have found useful while researching and writing Elvis UK3.

A site devoted to CD collectors (of both official and unofficial releases) across the world, along with news updates and reviews.

A site that deals mainly with Elvis’s movie photo shoot sessions during the ‘50s and ‘60s.

The official Australian fan club site posts daily news updates along with reviews of all new product, some of which can be bought from its online shop. It is comprehensive and easy to navigate, and includes many photographs, as well as featuring a detailed song base.

A dedicated collectors’ site devoted to CD releases from around the world, including unofficial and promotional releases.

Focuses on listing Elvis’s live appearances throughout his career, offering reviews, newspaper clips, as well as information such as which jumpsuits he wore, adding a useful song guide (how many times certain songs were performed and where) and, where known, if audio versions exist.

Shortened to EIN, this highly popular and accessible site also offers a comprehensive range of news, honest and in-depth reviews of audio product and books, featured interviews with people of interest and note, and is updated almost daily. Regarded by many as their go-to-site for daily updates.

Keith Flynn’s site has long been acknowledged as the key place to visit if you are interested in the minutiae and complexities of Elvis’s recording sessions and it is updated as each new release appears. There is also a wealth of other related and background information posted – including a very useful and interactive discography. This site is highly recommended for its factual content and dedication to accuracy.


Elvis UK3 research contributor Rob Davison’s blog documenting his time in the record business including the birth of Compact Discs and the making of the Elvis The Legend box set in 1983 – the first Elvis release on CD.

Although not directly related to CD or vinyl releases, anyone interested in an accurate delineation of Elvis’s early career, drawing on the memories of Elvis’s first guitarist, the late Scotty Moore, needs to check out James V Roy’s site. It presents great insights and candid photos from the early days, along with fascinating historical information about the many places Elvis, Scotty, Bill and, later, DJ, played. And not a jumpsuit in sight!