Elvis UK

a DOWNLOADABLE digital flipbook

Released in 1987, the original Elvis UK cost £45, but is now available as a downloadable flip book, keenly priced at £20, including an additional 60 pages of newly-written bonus material. With secondhand copies of the original hardback expensive and difficult to locate, this much-sought after reference work is now available to a much wider audience.

  • Every individual record release – singles, EPs (extended play releases) and LPs issued on HMV, RCA and third party labels between 1956-86 – in great detail and in chronological order
  • Each entry includes detailed track information as well as writers’ names, release dates, and chart entry positions
  • Every release and re-release carefully cross-referenced
  • Label and sleeve variations identified and dated
  • Introductory sections which include background to the issuing companies, comprehensive information about details printed on labels and the process of how records were made
  • Chronological and alphabetical listings of all main sections, including catalogue number details and release dates
  • A various artist section of releases which featured one or more Elvis tracks
  • A section detailing promotional records
  • Hundreds of illustrations
  • An interview and spoken word index
  • A full list of every song showing where it appeared, cross-referenced with page numbers

The bonus material section includes the following:

  • The Making Of Elvis UK
  • Golden Grooves
  • Mastering
  • LP Re-issues
Elvis UK Front Cover

Please note: if you do not have one already, you will need a Google account before you can download Elvis UK as the book is stored on a Google Drive. However, it is free, very simple to do, and we will provide a full step-by-step guide as to how you can do this.