Elvis UK – Cover Story

a downloadable digital flipbook

What you can expect to find in
Elvis UK – Cover Story

  • This newly written 286 page, fully comprehensive book, provides the ultimate guide to Elvis’s EP and LP album sleeves released in the UK between 1956-1977
  • It adds to, complements - and extends considerably - the information originally included in our original book Elvis UK
  • Extensively illustrated in full colour
  • Arranged in sections, this book addresses a wide range of topics including back cover photographs, printing companies, sleeve notes, etc.
  • There are extended sections including Front Cover – Fact File, and For UK Fans Only, an in-depth study of those albums that originated in the UK, or were only ever available in the UK
  • And as readers have come to expect from Elvis UK publications, there is a wealth of background information incorporated into the text.

This definitive work is available only as a downloadable digital flip book stored on your own device.

Why a digital flip book?

  • A flip book provides a highly intuitive search facility allowing the reader to access whatever they are looking for quickly and easily
  • There are no postage costs
  • It will not deteriorate
  • It can be held on multiple devices
  • Pages can be printed off, if required

Please note: if you do not have one already, you will need a Google account before you can download Elvis UK – Cover Story as the book is stored on a Google Drive. However, it is free, very simple to do, and we will provide a full step-by-step guide as to how you can do this.