Why digital?

Elvis UK3, Elvis UK (with bonus material), Elvis UK – Cover Story and now Elvis UK – Beyond RCA, exist only as digital download flip books – no physical copies are available.

So why digital? This is a good but complicated question so let’s try to keep our answer simple.

Fans / collectors have long been aware that the Elvis market place has been shrinking and that serious collecting – whether that is is for vinyl releases, CD sets, or narrowly focused but highly desirable books – has become exceedingly expensive for the buyer.  As these books become more and more detailed, their size and weight increases correspondingly and many fans – ourselves included – not only struggle to lift and handle the books – but find it difficult to store them.

Our reasons for opting for a digital release stem from several major considerations. Chiefly, the cost of producing a book has never been cheap – even to self-publish.  However, publishing anything apart from a modest and straightforward work, is unbelievably expensive.  From experience, we know that simply recouping initial production costs can take years.

Then, of course, production costs and all other associated expenses, including postage and packaging, have to be passed on to the buyer – resulting in an overall cost for our project which we considered too high.

And so we have turned to a digital platform to reduce costs and deliver a wide range of other benefits to the buyer/reader.

Advantages of digital

  • Available at a significantly lower cost than a soft-back version
  • Easier to handle - no heavy books to carry!
  • Ease of access to anywhere in the book in a matter of seconds
  • Sophisticated search facilities that allow access to individual topics or CD title, for example
  • Fully navigational contents
  • A tool to zoom in on any part of the page - images or text - instantly
  • Available throughout the world with no postage costs!
  • Portability - it goes with you wherever your device goes
  • Compatible with all operating systems
  • Can be used on more than one device
  • Excellent colour and graphics presentations
  • Durability
  • Easily updateable - new information can be incorporated and distributed - free!
  • A contact us facility allows for customer feedback, questions and comments

How do I order?

You can check out our range of Elvis UK products, including Elvis UK2, the only volume available to order as a physical product.

Please go to the Elvis UK Home or Store tab at the top of your screen.

If you are on the Home page, simply click on the Buy tab; if in the Store, hover your cursor over the product you want and add it to the basket.