Elvis UK3

Elvis UK3

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The ultimate reference guide to Elvis’s UK compact disc releases in the UK between 1983-2005.

Remember, Elvis UK3 is a digital download.

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  • Over 4000 illustrations, many of them in colour
  • Full description and detailed account of every mainstream release in the UK (both on album or single) – on RCA, BMG, FTD and third party label releases, each one fully cross-referenced with subsequent – or earlier – releases
  • Full track listing and writer details for every release
  • Additional information added to live releases, including recording locations and times
  • Separate sections dedicated to CD singles, promotional CDs, in-house promos, CD-Rs, etc.
  • Extensive section devoted to various artist CD releases that feature Elvis material, each one discussed separately
  • Each section features full chronological and alphabetical listings
  • A huge song title index detailing writers, recording dates and showing where every version of every song can be found

27 reviews for Elvis UK3

  1. Keith Helme (verified owner)

    A couple of weeks after I began using ElvisUK3 I wrote a glowing review of it but did not get around to uploading it. Now four weeks later I am glad about that failure because as good as that review was it undersold the book.
    Before I made my purchase I was disappointed that there was not an option to choose a physical book as I thought that it would be much easier to find what I wanted on paper than on a screen. I was very wrong. I found it fantastically easy to get around using the index provided. If you want to know the history of a particular CD title just click on the title in the index and hey presto it’s there for you. When you do find what you want you might feel that the font size is small but that problem is very easily solved by a very helpful button at the bottom of the screen which lets you enlarge the page making it easy to read. You cannot do that with a physical book.
    The amount of detail in the book is mind boggling. I am sure it would more than satisfy anyone from the most serious collector to the casual fan just wanting to know more about the cds he/she owns. To say that ElvisUK3 is detailed is a complete understatement, I cannot guess at the length of time that it took just to write it let alone research as well.
    To date I have confined much my reading to the sections relating to CD albums and the Song Title Index. The latter is a section which provides details of which take of a song is included on any CD; to me this is one of the most interesting sections. It will take me some time to read and consider these sections. When I have finished there are more sections covering CD singles, Various Artist CDs, Promotional CDs and CD-Rs to look forward to.
    If you get the book I am sure you will like it.

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