Elvis UK3

Elvis UK3

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The ultimate reference guide to Elvis’s UK compact disc releases in the UK between 1983-2005.

Remember, Elvis UK3 is a digital download.

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  • Over 4000 illustrations, many of them in colour
  • Full description and detailed account of every mainstream release in the UK (both on album or single) – on RCA, BMG, FTD and third party label releases, each one fully cross-referenced with subsequent – or earlier – releases
  • Full track listing and writer details for every release
  • Additional information added to live releases, including recording locations and times
  • Separate sections dedicated to CD singles, promotional CDs, in-house promos, CD-Rs, etc.
  • Extensive section devoted to various artist CD releases that feature Elvis material, each one discussed separately
  • Each section features full chronological and alphabetical listings
  • A huge song title index detailing writers, recording dates and showing where every version of every song can be found

13 reviews for Elvis UK3

  1. Bill Bruce (verified owner)

    I received my copy of ELVIS UK 3 five days ago and I find myself looking at it every spare minute.

    Once I got past the approximately 100 pages or so of background information was when the fun really started though.

    Every point of interest that I come across means a trip to the CD shelves to see if my copy is an original UK release, an import or re-issue. Sometimes it’s just to see that thing that I never noticed before but is mentioned in the book. (I knew this would happen – it did when I bought the vinyl volumes ELVIS UK and ELVIS UK 2.

    I’ve heard that some people are being put off purchasing because this book is in digital format. If you are one of those people, rest assured this is well worth your hard earned cash and is one helluva reference book.

  2. Anthony King

    Having this book on my computer and devices is a great new way to read important information about Elvis’ UK CD’s. I was fortunate enough to be asked to supply a few photos for the project and I think it turned out great. What I particular like about this format is the ability to print a page or two if desired. A Great addition to volumes 1 and 2. Thank you!

  3. Jeffrey M Jones (verified owner)

    I bought the book as soon as it was available. As with the two previous books this one did not disappoint. What a book! Extremely well researched with every issue of every cd covered. Also some very interesting background information for example, how record companies originally marketed the new compact disc format. Everything is set out in chronological order and cross referenced to make all the information accessible. I can see why Gordon and John elected for a digital copy only. If it was a hard copy you would need a crane to lift it and a remortgage to be able to afford it such is the size and the volume of information within! I found the flip technology easy to use pretty much like a kindle. I have a copy on my phone and my Amazon Fire. Best thing about it is that you can take it with you wherever you go. And this is from a 53 year old who still thinks that a flush mechanism on a toilet is still a wonder of modern technology! All I can say is buy it and enjoy it!

  4. Bernard Roughton

    Well, after 6 years this is finally out! And it was definitely worth the wait. I have never seen such a detailed book on CDs! I guessed from UK 1 & 2 it would be thorough, but this is super-thorough. I’m still working my way through it; there is so much there, I feel a more detailed index would be of great benefit, and of course being a digital book that can eventually be done. There are those who would prefer a printed version, and I do understand that, but it would be very expensive, & so heavy that eventually the spine would come adrift. So I feel this is definitely the way to go. Everything is cross-referenced superbly well, & having been a fairly fanatical fan all my life there is info here I never knew. So a big thank you to Gordon & John for finally bringing this invaluable book to life. Many happy days of reading yet to enjoy!

  5. tony galvin

    Got my copy of ELVIS UK 3 just three hours ago and I am finding it difficult to come away from it.
    As someone who has Elvis UK 1/2, I knew what to expect, a detailed, well written, superbly researched book that is an essential purchase for any serious Elvis collector.
    As someone who was there at the launch of the CD format and has accumulated thousands of Elvis CD’s from all over the world, this was the book I was waiting for.
    After three hours of reading I am astounded by the sheer volume of information and I know this book will give me years of enjoyment.
    Many older fans, myself included would have loved to have had a print version but given the sheer volume of data I understand why Gordon & John have opted for the digital version which is easy to use & follow.
    From the little time I have spent reading I would have no hesitation in saying that this is a must have for any serious collector, 10 out of 10.
    One final word, I would love in the future to be able to download the book so that we could access the content off line.

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