Elvis UK3

Elvis UK3

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The ultimate reference guide to Elvis’s UK compact disc releases in the UK between 1983-2005.

Remember, Elvis UK3 is a digital download.

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  • Over 4000 illustrations, many of them in colour
  • Full description and detailed account of every mainstream release in the UK (both on album or single) – on RCA, BMG, FTD and third party label releases, each one fully cross-referenced with subsequent – or earlier – releases
  • Full track listing and writer details for every release
  • Additional information added to live releases, including recording locations and times
  • Separate sections dedicated to CD singles, promotional CDs, in-house promos, CD-Rs, etc.
  • Extensive section devoted to various artist CD releases that feature Elvis material, each one discussed separately
  • Each section features full chronological and alphabetical listings
  • A huge song title index detailing writers, recording dates and showing where every version of every song can be found

25 reviews for Elvis UK3

  1. Atty Buitenhuis (verified owner)

    It’s beautiful and i bought it but i like to download it also

    • Gordon Minto

      Hi Atty. Thanks for your quick response and glad you like what you see! Hope you get much enjoyment from the book. As for downloading, no, you can’t at the moment though that may – I stress may – be an option further down the line. We wanted the option to update material and add things (any new findings) so that everyone had access to the latest version. However, unlike some Flipbook projects which do not allow printing, we did retain the print facility for those who choose to print off certain pages or sections. Gordon

  2. Alan Waldock (verified owner)

    Wow! This is a fantastic book. Only received it today but from what I have seen so far it is a truly outstanding piece of work. The detail and information is amazing. I love dipping in and out, searching for cd’ s that I remember buying.
    To anyone who is unsure about purchasing this because it is not a physical book I will say you will not be disappointed. Once you get used to the format it becomes very user friendly. Congratulations to Gordon and John

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